Helsinki Regional Transport Authority

Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) is in charge of the transport system planning and regional public transport in Greater Helsinki. Some 370 million journeys are made on HSL's transport services annually.


During my time at HSL as a design consultant, I worked on multiple products across different teams. I led UI/UX design, worked with a shared component library and conducted customer validation interviews.


Designing for accessibility

HSL is a public sector organization with a diverse customer base, which meant a large part of our work was ensuring that digital products that we built were accessible, and followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


Co-creating with customers

We involved customers early in the process by facilitating testing sessions and conducting quick surveys in the field. Insights from these sessions helped us to iterate quickly and test different solutions with the customers.


Designing with data

Digital products that we built had hundreds of thousands of daily users, which enabled us to use both qualitative and quantitative data to support our design process.

Note: Due to the fact that most of the work I've done at HSL is still unreleased, I cannot share visuals or specifics at this time. I'm happy to discuss more about design challenges and learnings in person, so don't hesitate to get in touch via email.

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