Peppy is a preventive healthcare startup based in the UK. They provide employees easy access to expert practitioners helping in topics like fertility, parenthood and menopause.

Pregnant woman holding a phone and a screenshot of the Peppy mobile app.


In the process of finding a product-market fit, Peppy’s founding team had piloted their services using a group chat. After a successful pilot, they saw potential in building an app, which would enable their team to provide rich content and an automatized onboarding experience for the end-users.


Over a 2-week-design sprint, I was responsible for designing the user interface for a multiplatform mobile app. In addition to the mobile app, I refreshed their visual style and designed a reusable component library.

Screenshots of Peppy mobile app chat and benefits package. Screenshots of Peppy mobile app onboarding questionnaire.


The mobile app for Android and iOS platforms was launched in early 2020 and is currently providing expert support for employees around the world. To date, Peppy has raised over £8 million to extend their operations.

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