Case study


Talgraf, the parent company of StatBun, is a Finnish software company with decades of experience in financial reporting and budgeting software. They are the market leader in Finland, with more than 15 000 customers ranging from sports organizations to large multinational corporations.

StatBun desktop and mobile reports.


After decades of the company's success in producing financial reporting and budgeting software for large companies in Finland, Talgraf wanted to create a more streamlined spinoff product that would fuel growth beyond their existing customer base.

The desktop application was built with large businesses in mind, so in order to bring the product to smaller companies and independent business owners, the onboarding and the product experience had to be rethought. The new app needed to be more intuitive, able to quickly break down complex business data into usable insights that even those without a firm grasp on analytics could understand.

My role

As the sole designer, I worked closely with the company’s founder, product manager and development team to bring the first version of StatBun to market.

Dashboard with sales reports.
2 desktop screens with StatBun report and cash flow forecast.

The initial research showed that a lot of decision-making in smaller companies happens on the go, or in other places, where the customers don’t have access to a desktop computer.

With the new responsive web app, StatBun was able to meet the needs of its new customer group, allowing them to get access to reports and insights on any device.

3 phones with screenshots of StatBun reports.
2 phones with screenshots of StatBun intelligent insights.
One of the StatBun’s core features is to provide intelligent insights, which uncover patterns and trends automatically.

Design system

StatBun has an easy to approach, unique brand with playful details. I designed an accompanying component library based on Material Design, which enables the development team to quickly iterate the product and ship new features.

StatBun design system components.
Modular components used in the app.


The product is currently being piloted with a selected group of companies and improved based on customer feedback and data.

Focusing on the needs of smaller businesses, StatBun has been able to partner with large accounting companies in Finland, who will provide the app to their customers as a part of their service.

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