Digital Product Designer
from Helsinki, Finland.

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UI/UX Design

High-quality user interface and user experience design ensures that your product meets and exceeds its expectations.


Do you have a business idea? I can help you to create a functional prototype that can be used to validate the product-market fit.


Whim has raised over 21 million euros to build a service, that combines taxis, public transport, car services and bike sharing into one seamless experience. Together with design studio Kallan & Co, we designed the award winning user interface and user experience for the mobile app.

UI/UX Design, Mobile app, MaaS

Screenshot of Whim app for iOS


HappySignals is an employee experience measurement tool with over 500 000 users in more than 120 countries. While working at Kallan & Co, I had the privilege to help HappySignals to design their product from the ground up.

UI/UX Design, Prototyping, SaaS

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About me

Hello! I’m Aleksi Tappura, a digital product designer focused in UI/UX design, prototyping and front-end development. I have helped various organizations, from public sector to startups, to build successful digital products for the web and mobile.

Each month, I have limited availability, so get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help with your next project.

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